man UTF-8 rendering problem

Nellis, Kenneth
Wed Jul 13 14:07:00 GMT 2011

I wrote back in January about a UTF-8 rendering error with
"man size", but got no satisfaction.

I encountered the same issue today with "man addr2line". 

Running mintty with the Lucinda Console font and configured
for the UTF-8 character set and LANG set to C.UTF-8, these 
two man commands render an undefined box symbol where a 
vertical bar would appear. It appears that man is
attempting to display U+23AA (CURLY BRACKET EXTENSION)
where it would display "|" (0x7C) were I configured
for ISO8859-1.

In a separate issue regarding hyphens and dashes, I recall 
that mintty added exception logic to work around an issue 
where Lucinda Console did not support the Unicode HYPHEN 
character as man presented, and so mintty instead rendered 
an Ascii HYPHEN-MINUS (0x2D) instead (or something like that...
I forget the details).

I wonder in this case whether mintty would be an appropriate 
place for a similar workaround.

Or what would the proper fix be? It seems CURLY BRACKET 
EXTENSION to be an odd choice for this character, but where 
is this choice being made?

--Ken Nellis

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