[bash or DLL] Memory leak in childs

Heiko Elger heiko_elger@arburg.com
Mon Jul 18 05:55:00 GMT 2011


I just can confirm the same problem with latest cygwin1.dll
(cygwin1-20110713.dll.bz2) on Windows 7/64 (fast XEON CPU).
I've seen this problem while testing other "exiter" - problem with the following

*** snip snip snip ******
set -e
while true; do
echo -n $?
*** snip snip snip ******

Please regard: exiter is a native WIN32 executable.

The virtual memory (windows task manager) grows and grows over the time.

The cygwin eats all memory til no more available.
But after alle cygwin processes are closed the memory is freed.

I did another native cygwin test using true.exe:

*** snip snip snip ******
echo "starting $0"
while /usr/bin/true
echo "exiting $0"
*** snip snip snip ******

Using this script the used virtual memory (windows task manager) grows too, but
even more slowly - so you have to run this script a long time.

Best regards

Heiko Elger

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