[bash or DLL] Memory leak in childs

Heiko Elger heiko_elger@arburg.com
Wed Jul 20 04:55:00 GMT 2011

Mark Geisert writes:

> > int main(int argc, char** argv[])
> (I won't point out the error in the above line.)
Oops ... 

> The good news is that I was then able to reproduce the issue without Cygwin.
OK - I was able to reproduce the issue too

> After 15 minutes, peak memory usage had gone from 227MB to 334MB and the
> system went haywire in the same fashion as before.  I rebooted again.
I start the batches with the following command (without /b):
   start test2.bat
about 10 times.
And after 7 minutes all batches are stopped with the following error:
"Für diesen Befehl ist nicht genügend Speicher verfügbar." (german WIN7)
==> "not enough memory for that command"

But the memory is freed again and win7/64 SP1 works fine. (just for information
- cause your system went haywire).

OK it really seems to be win7 problem.

I'm really glad to hear that this is not a cygwin error.

But thanks a lot for figuring that out.


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