OT: GUI IDE suggestion for course

Rance Hall ranceh@gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 15:20:00 GMT 2011

Pardon this OT post, but I thought that some of the readers of this
list would be in a position to offer some opinions/options.

The local university (UNK) where I teach part-time is working on a new
course for it's MIS department.

The course focus is the software life cycle.  Problem definition,
scope and scope management, installation, maintenance, and
decommissioning are all part of our course idea.

However in order to illustrate these concepts we would like to ask
teams of students to create a small software product from start to

We don't care about the software product specifically except that it
illustrates the theory of the class.

We are open to smart phone apps, firefox/chrome extensions or even a
small web app in php, python or whatever other language would work.

This course is not for programmers per se.  It is to introduce
non-programmers who are interested in business management to the
process.  The chief idea being that students with a business
management degree understand the tech guys when they get reports. As
such the tools used to create our classroom software apps are of prime

We need a graphical sdk (if we went the smart phone route) but the
most important thing is a GUI IDE that basically allows non coders to
create drag and drop classes connectors and basically create code from
the flow chart. Then we would use the "show code" option from the ide
and show the students the code it generated and ask them to optimize
it manually.

Does anyone have any ideas for tools that would work for us?

Thanks in advance for your time.


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