Device names in /proc/mounts

Schwarz, Konrad
Fri Jul 29 07:46:00 GMT 2011

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> The "drive letters" above could be anything that 
> Windows maps to a drive letter.  A drive does not necessarily 
> directly map to a physical device.

That's why the proposal suggests using /dev/sdXY names only when
a driver letter does indeed map to a hard disk.
> /cygdrive is a user-settable value.

So use whatever /cygdrive is actually set to.

>  Some users use other 
> values like "/dev" instead of /cygdrive.

How does /dev/ttyS0 resolve in this case?
Those users have already shot themselves in the foot.

> Some people get rid 
> of the /cygdrive entirely and just map to /a.

Which would be a rebind.  /cygdrive (or the user's
selected replacement) still exists, right?

>  We're not 
> going to introduce this level of recursive confusion to the 
> mount table handling.

The proposal is sound.  It works on Linux, after all.

> Please give it a rest.  We're not changing the mount table for you.


Can you answer the following question:

Given a volume label, how does one figure out where the corresponding
volume has been mounted into the Cygwin namespace?


Konrad Schwarz

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