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David Rothenberger
Mon Apr 2 18:47:00 GMT 2012

On 4/2/2012 11:42 AM, marco atzeri wrote:
> On 4/2/2012 8:14 PM, David Rothenberger wrote:
>> On 4/2/2012 1:48 AM, Me Myself and I wrote:
>>> I have just gone through the install with internet download using
>>> the latest cygwin windows installer,
>>> on my 64 bit Microsoft Windows 7.  I assume that I've only gotten
>>> 32 bit software, which is not my issue.
>>> I am trying to compile my first java program,
>>> gcj --main=Program -o Program.exe
>>> and I find that I only get the errror message:
>>> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
>>> org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.batch.GCCMain
>> Check /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/gcc4.README, specifically the section "Java
>> users need an additional download to compile source to bytecode."
>> I was not able to find the "" script mentioned there, but
>> downloading the ECJ jar file solved the problem for me.
> use the search

It's not part of the most recent gcc4-java package.

515 ~> cygcheck -cd gcc4-java
Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version
gcc4-java            4.5.3-3

516 ~> cygcheck -l gcc4-java | grep download

517 ~> ls -l /usr/sbin/download*
/bin/ls: cannot access /usr/sbin/download*: No such file or directory

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