CLASSPATHS, and static inclusion.

Me Myself and I
Wed Apr 4 02:02:00 GMT 2012

I have managed to get a copy of ecj.jar

-I havn't been able to follow the instructions for cygpath very well.

Is there a 


sort of statement I can just put in /etc/profile  , that won't leave

any problems for my compiled program (presumably my import statement classes

get put in my final gcj program)?  Could I have an example?

-As an aside, when it comes to classes in external packages in external (non-default) jar files,

does one usually have dynamic linking from the gcj compiled program to the 

seperate package jar file (needed at runtime), or static linking where 

the seperate jar necessary classes and related are all physically 

included inside the gcj compiled program?

If I only want static linking of those seperate jar classes (physical inclusion),

may I get away with a CLASSPATH statement only?

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