Windows7 broke DRIVELETTER:/path on cmdline of non-cygwin exe (really tty issue?)

Fri Apr 6 00:28:00 GMT 2012

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> On Apr  4 13:42, raf wrote:
> > I think it has more to do with the change in terminal handling.
> > The password prompting is no longer working (even in mintty).
> > The lack of debug output was just buffering.
> The problem is that native Windows CLI applications usually don't
> work interactively with Cygwin's pseudo ttys as stdio descriptors.

The application in question is python.exe using its getpass module.

> > The users can run the programme from cmd.exe so I'll set up
> > some .bat scripts for them instead of bash functions if I
> > can't easily get it working from within cygwin.
> You can use the still existing Cygwin.bat script from Cygwin's root
> directory to start a Cygwin bash in a Windows console window.  The
> password prompting will still work there.

I thought that's what I was doing when clicking on the cygwin shortcut on
the desktop. If that had worked I wouldn't have come asking for help here. :-)
So perhaps the cause isn't the change in tty handling. I need to investigate
further when I can sit in front of this user's computer while they're not
using it and do more debugging. It'll probably turn out to be something silly.

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