Build problem with most current cygwin?
Thu Apr 12 20:26:00 GMT 2012

Version is 1.7.12

ssh-host-config -y was the command  I apologize for pasting/posting misinformation. 

"* Warning: Creating the user 'cyg_server' failed!  Reason:
System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

I did a new install.  One other upgraded openssh and reversed it.  The version he is running is somewhere between the legacy and the current.    1.7.5 works, 1.7.7 works,  1.7.10 fails on 

$ hg clone ssh://...

And 1.7.12 will NOT run sshd on our configurations of Win7 Enterprise, nor will ssh(1) do anything with 

$ ssh -F <some config file>
Or  appear to get info from the usual locations....

michmoor(at)5CB2024JR8 ~
$ ssh gene3
michmoor(at)gene3's password:

michmoor(at)5CB2024JR8 ~
$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa gene3
Enter passphrase for key '/home/michmoor/.ssh/id_rsa':

So ssh(1) isn't even reading the default identity file, unless forced.

After all the files were configured, ssh client is still ignoring them, and I cannot get sshd running, nor can I establish connection with ssh-agent for ssh-add

If RHEL6 were a little less flaky with its X-server on VMware Player, we would not be having this conversation.  I started X this morning and it crashed, so I have to go through VMware tools once again to rebuild config files.

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> Several folk here use Cygwin with windows 7 enterprise as a tool to access linux servers.  They have Cygwin with X installed and use a combination of terminal windows and X exports from the RH servers to manage items.
> The most recent version of Cygwin, when upgraded, breaks in these uses.  I have spent a little time isolating causes.

"most recent" is not a version number.
Could you at least clarify from which version to which version did you upgrade  ?

> Ssh(1) on  normal install does not get any config files.

$ cygcheck -l openssh |grep bin

> When config files are placed at the usual suspect locations, ssh(1) ignores them.
> cygrun-host-config -y

this file is not from cygwin

> does build the config files, but it cannot complete because the required accounts cannot be created , not even by someone with admin access.  It fails on permisssions.
> alias ssh="ssh -2 -I ~/.ssh/id-rsa"
> in .bashrc
> does allow ssh to do password-less access to the servers but it breaks 
> on
> hg clone ssh://...
> which is now totally non-functional.
> The two offered downloads of Cygwin are now of greatly reduced utility because the way duties are arranged doesn't allow functioning of the agent or the id mechanism.
> Everyone has been advised to hold without updating on Cygwin, and new machines are now being equipped with VMware player and RHEL6.
> Michael

what about providing same data like
Problem reports:

Usually the file in ~/.ssh should have a 600 permission, otherwise ssh refuse to use them.
Wich permission do you see ?


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