Feature req for setup.exe: Keep the whole category

Erno Salminen curmudgeon@kotikanava.fi
Thu Apr 19 09:17:00 GMT 2012


In "Select Packages" screen of the Cygwin setup.exe, it would be handy to
select "Keep" for the whole category.  Then it would be easier to go back to
an older versions.

The whole story:
I had to change gcc from 4.5.3-3 -> 4.3.4 due to "internal compiler
error". I made the change but forgot one package and linking failed.
Then, I changed also lstddc++ to 4.3 and started installation.
Unofrtunately, setup started updating my gcc since there was also a
newer version 4.5 available! It would have been simpler to click "Keep" for 
the Devel branch and then select the lstdc++.                               

BR, Erno Salminen

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