Problems with nfs

Fedin Pavel
Fri Apr 20 05:27:00 GMT 2012


  I have a problem with Cygwin NFS server. I boot up my host PC and then 
boot up ARM Linux embedded system, which then connects to my host over 
NFS. An attempt to mount NFS resource produces "RPC error: connection 
refused" until i restart portmap service on my host.
  What can be wrong? I examined logs, and found no problems. I also 
examined 'netstat -a' output on the PC, and found nothing interesting 
(portmap is working and is listening). Windows firewall is set up 
correctly (i added exceptions for NFS and RPC ports). I do nothing else 
except simple portmap restart.

  Kind regards
  Pavel Fedin
  Expert engineer, Samsung Moscow research center

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