VIRUS: XWin.exe 1.12.0-4 "Bloodhound.Sonar.9"

Watts, Simon (UK)
Mon Apr 23 08:28:00 GMT 2012

Just performed a routine update to cygwin, which resulted in the updated XWin.exe being quarantined due to a virus threat.


	setup.exe version: 	2.769
	xorg-servers-common version: 	1.12.0-4

Symantec Endpoint Protection reported XWin.exe contained "Bloodhound.Sonar.9"

	file size:	2828127
	hash:	157814B5160244D44E469CA9829124DABA14426F3D60E6A22B52E953625CA0B2
	category:	application heuristic
	scan type:	SONAR
	SONAR Risk level:	High
	SONAR:	High

Reverting back to 1.12.0-3 from same source does *not* show this issue.

Could be a false positive?  But AV policy prevents me from running it.



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