Building for nocygwin

Michel Bardiaux
Mon Apr 23 14:53:00 GMT 2012

> As Earnie wrote, now you should use the appropriate mingw32 or mingw64 cross compiler, 
> both of which are available as part of the Cygwin distro.
> This *is* the general solution.

I *get* that. My problem was, the web is so cluttered with pages mentioning the no-cygwin thing (including the cygwin FAQ!) that finding a good howto is nearly impossible. Lots of pages about running the mingw toolchain on mingw/msys, but at some point in the past I had installed cygwin *and* msys, and managing the path, the profile scripts, etc was a real pain, so never again.

With the benefit of Csaba's hint, the basic recipe is now:

1. Install mingw-gcc-core (which pulls other necessary packages)
2. i686-pc-mingw32-gcc -o jef.exe jef.c

With that under my belt, I can start thinking about adding spices, herbs, truffles, and soy sauce :-)

Is there a deep reason not to amend the FAQ?

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