cygwin 1.7.13-1: can't execute shell scripts on samba share

Michel Bardiaux
Tue Apr 24 12:15:00 GMT 2012

> Greetings, Michel Bardiaux!
>> I have also tried the same as you did ( on a samba share) and 
>> saw the same problem. Then I saw that the got a (cygwin *and* 
>> linux) mode of -rwxrw-r-- *without* doing any chmod. Then I saw that 
>> *every* file I create on the samba share, gets the same mode!
> testparm -s
> please.

Yes, this explains a lot - but not completely. The relevant lines being
the create masks:

0744 for global, 0755 for homes (the relevant share in my case), 0022 as
cygwin umask.

I would expect files created on the cygwin side to have 0755 on the
linux side (or possibly masked by global and/or umask). I do not see how
I end up with 0764.

(s) M. Bardiaux
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