Problems with nfs

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Apr 24 15:00:00 GMT 2012

On Apr 24 07:27, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> On 04/24/2012 07:11 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >On Apr 24 07:06, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
> >>On 04/24/2012 12:33 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >>>The problem is that the NFS-server package in Cygwin is orphaned since
> >>>the maintainer has moved on.  If somebody is interested to pick up
> >>>maintainance of that package, you're welcome.  See
> >>> for more information.  The cygport
> >>>packaging method is the preferred packaging method these days.
> >>Why don't we have an nfs-client package? Same reason - no
> >>maintainer? I would think an nfs-client would be much more useful
> >>than an nfs-server package.
> >An NFS client is a filesystem driver.  There are companies providing
> >such NFS clients, one of them Microsoft with SFU on pre-Vista and the
> >NFS client in Vista/W7 Ultimate/Enterprise.
> There are companies that provide X servers, putty's a replacement
> for Cygwin's ssh, there are various FTP server products, etc. The
> point is that having other options (often paid) available has never
> been a reason for not having a package.
> As for other clients like SFU, I've tried that. It doesn't work. The
> problem is the filer at work is configured such that to Windows
> clients (SMB) it shares it's shares (home dirs) as FAT (and thus
> screws up ssh). The same file system is shared via NFS for Unix
> clients. But for some reason SFU will not mount the file system
> using NFS because (my theory) it sees that there's an SMB way to
> mount it so it will not offer the NFS mount.  I'm using SFU/Vista/W7 NFS all the
time to build packages and keeping the share on my Linux box.  The
availability of MSFT NFS in Vista and W7 (albeit only in the expensive
versions) was a reason to add MSFT NFS support explicitely to Cygwin.
If you want NFS shares preferred over SMB shares, you have to change
the provider order (Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter
settings -> Advanced -> Advanced Settings... -> Provider Order).
NFS Network must be higher inb the list than Microsoft WIndows Network.

And make sure the uid/gid mapping is set up correctly (Windows 2008
AD mapping works fine, see the "UNIX Attributes" tab in the user/group
properties dialog in the "Active Directory Users and Computers" MMC

And make sure the security settings in the NFS client (starting with W7)
are correct.  If the NFS server doesn't support krb5 authentication,
you should explicitly switch them off in the "Services for Network
File System" MMC Snap-in.  Also, make sure that "reserved ports" is
enabled for best interoperability.

> That's one of the
> problems I'm trying to solve. My hope was that with an NFS client in
> Cygwin it would do the NFS mount.

Still, an NFS client isn't just some arbitrary piece of software, it's a
filesystem driver, like ntfs.sys.  There's no OSS code available which
provides this kind of FS driver for Windows.


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