cygwin 1.7.13-1: can't execute shell scripts on samba share

Michel Bardiaux
Tue Apr 24 15:20:00 GMT 2012

> From Andrey Repin


>> 0744 for global, 0755 for homes (the relevant share in my case), 0022

>> as cygwin umask.

Sorry, correction: create mask 0744, create mode 0755. Which does help
my confusion:

>> I would expect files created on the cygwin side to have 0755 on the 
>> linux side (or possibly masked by global and/or umask). I do not see 
>> how I end up with 0764.


> Another point of note: from my memory, samba fakes ACLs to represent
permissions. This may include > many strange things.
> For example, most of that ^^ directory content has 0777 perms, but
when I look from Cygwin, it
> coming out more granular.

Which is why in this discussion I have always checked the mode on the
nix side, using ssh.

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