/bin in path before /usr/bin breaks latex

Mark Frazer mark@mjfrazer.org
Thu Apr 26 15:06:00 GMT 2012

Updating cygwin yesterday broke several of my scripts.  Turns out this
was because they have /bin before /usr/bin in their PATH exported to
child processes which broke latex.

To reproduce:
  env PATH=/bin:"$PATH" latex manual.tex

Seems that the latex related symlinks in /bin do not function.
Putting /usr/bin in the path first fixes this.

Having /bin in the path on my previous 1.7 install worked fine.  It
has been several months since I updated my cygwin install though.

Both the current and previous texlive installs available via setup.exe
fail in the same way.

Seems that the links in /bin should be removed.

cygcheck -s -v -r output attached.
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