peflags warning and tsaware flags

Achim Gratz Stromeko@NexGo.DE
Thu Apr 26 15:16:00 GMT 2012

What is peflags trying to tell me with this warning, which is only present when
the "-v" switch is in effect?

> ash -c "PATH=/bin peflags -t -d -v  /usr/lib/zsh/4.3.12/zsh/zutil.dll"
Warning: file is non-executable but has tsaware set

> ash -c "PATH=/bin peflags -t -d  /usr/lib/zsh/4.3.12/zsh/zutil.dll"
/usr/lib/zsh/4.3.12/zsh/zutil.dll: coff(0x230e) pe(0x8000[-dynamicbase,+tsaware])

The file(s) in question are most certainly executable, POSIX file permissions
and cacls are no different than hundreds of other DLL.  Also, I seem to have a
wild mixture of "+tsaware" and "-tsaware".  Can I just set all of them to
"+tsaware" or is that a Bad Idea(TM)?  (I do want to install Cygwin onto a
Terminal Server.)


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