[ANNOUNCEMENT] Test update: perl-5.14.2-1, please update your dependent packages

Reini Urban rurban@x-ray.at
Fri Apr 27 07:26:00 GMT 2012

perl has been updated to 5.14.2-1 as test in the Experimental section.

It looks pretty stable to me when I tested it in the last 2 weeks.

This is to build the 102 (!) dependent packages. I hope the
dependencies can be done
in the next month. Please upload them as test. I'll make the big
switch then by myself
when most packages are updated.

I added a new subpackage perl_vendor which includes all formerly
shipped vendor_perl modules,
which are mainly required to build and test and report test results of
other CPAN modules.

I also added a new subpackage perl_debuginfo which includes stripped
debug symbols
as in fedora. They might come handy if you want to debug into perl or
perl XS modules.

The archname and some minor internals changed. mymalloc is gone.
threads are still unstable. cc is gcc-4.
There is a new Cygwin::sync_winenv function.
The old 5.10 and 5.8 non-arch module paths are kept in @INC, so there
is less need to update.

rebase errors still happen, but are much less common than with 5.10.
There's special code in the ExtUtils::MakeMaker installer to re-use previous
image base addresses on cpan updated dll's.
With a full cpan re-install I got 2 rebase problems. Try to close
bigger dll hogs such the
MS Internet Explorer or SQL Server when doing cpan updates.

I've got some problems with perl-Win32-GUI, but I've got more problems
with perl 5.16 (to be)
than with 5.14, so 5.14 it will be for the time being, at least until
5.16.1 will come out.
5.16.0 looked better in theory than in practise.

In theory I could support parallel perl packages, perl510 and perl514
(or perl516),
but I doubt that other packagers want to support double packages and
rename all their names.
The clashes can be solved via alternatives. manpages and scripts only
for the latest.

Update recommendations from 5.10:

Since 5.14 is not installed in parallel to 5.10 (it is possible, but not
with this package), all your old 5.10 binary modules will need to be
reinstalled for 5.14.

# get the list of installed 5.8 modules
$ perl -MExtUtils::Installed \
   -e'print join("\n", new ExtUtils::Installed->modules)' > module.list

# install all previous modules for 5.10
$ cpan `cat module.list`

Reini Urban
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