Cygwin passes through null writes to other software when redirecting standard input/output (i.e. piping)

Fri Apr 27 15:12:00 GMT 2012

On 2012-04-27 AM 9:17, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> There's no way that Cygwin could know to "skip" a call to WriteFile().
> Cygwin doesn't interpose itself in the middle of a pipe.  That would be
> truly disastrous.  If it somehow looked at every pipe read/write rather
> than just allowing I/O to flow from one end to the other, the mailing
> list would be even more filled with people complaining that Cygwin is
> slow.
Maybe i can measure how much it slowed down after applying the 
workaround of unworkable runtime of some non-free software.

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