Choose different cygwin mirror without reselecting packages

Sat Apr 28 23:10:00 GMT 2012

Andy <AndyMHancock <at>> writes:
> I spent about 30-45 minutes choosing the packages I wanted from
> setup.exe, then proceeded to download.  The particular server I
> chose has a delay between files of what seems like infinity, so I
> want to switch mirrors without having to re-select packages.  I was
> hoping that my selection was saved somewhere, but no files within
> the package directory seems to contain my selection info.  Is there
> a way to switch mirrors without having to reselect packages?

By the way, if the answer is "no", thanks if you can also reply.  I'd
rather interrupt the current pathologically slow download and redo my
package selection as soon as possible.  Thanks.

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