[bug] elf.h incomplete

Ryan Johnson ryan.johnson@cs.utoronto.ca
Thu May 3 13:34:00 GMT 2012

On 03/05/2012 9:24 AM, Fedin Pavel wrote:
> On 03.05.2012 17:08, Earnie Boyd wrote:
>> To build the Linux kernel
>> under Cygwin requires you have the proper libraries and headers for
>> Linux installed in the cross environment.  It should not be using the
>> libraries and headers provided by the Cygwin build environment.
>  I know about this. My cross-compiler is OK. I cross-build many stuff 
> with it.
>  But Linux kernel build process needs some specific tools, like 
> modpost. They are also built from sources, but they are built to run 
> on the host, not on the target. And of course they use host's 
> (Cygwin's in our case) gcc with its includes.
> These tools operate on newly built ELF files, this is why they use 
> these includes.
I've also run in to this problem, though in my case I just fired up a VM 
to work around it... I needed the VM anyway to actually run the 
newly-built kernel. That said, it would be nice to be able to build on 
the host and just scp the new vmlinuz across...

BTW, libelf.h has all the #defines, but it only #includes them if it 
doesn't find an elf.h, which Cygwin has.


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