[ANNOUNCEMENT] Test update: perl-5.14.2-1, please update your dependent packages

Reini Urban rurban@x-ray.at
Thu May 3 15:49:00 GMT 2012

On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 9:24 AM, Achim Gratz  wrote:
> Reini Urban <rurban <at> x-ray.at> writes:
>> perl has been updated to 5.14.2-1 as test in the Experimental section.
>> It looks pretty stable to me when I tested it in the last 2 weeks.
> I've hit two interesting snags (perl_vendor is installed):
> 1) Some modules, when built with cpanminus fail at test, but the same module
> built with cpan tests OK (File::Slurp being the most simple example I have right
> now).

Interesting. I'll look into that. I regularly try out cpanm also.
I thought we only got problems with Module::Install and Module::Build cs. EUMM.

> 2) If I install another module that uses LWP (HTTP::Status, for example), then I
> also need to reinstall LWP.  Otherwise I'm getting errors like these:
> Attempt to reload LWP/Protocol/http.pm aborted.
> Compilation failed in require at (eval 7) line 2.

I could not repro this. I built HTTP::Status just fine. I'll think about it.

> Lastly, I'd much prefer if the vendor modules would be separate entities to
> install, this would make it easier to keep proper dependencies among them.  I
> will re-build all these modules plus some 150 more with cygport anyway (provided
> I don't hit a roadblock), so once that works I could send you the perl-*.cygport
> files.

Sorry, too much manual work.
I rather prefer only one single dependency and update step than 150.

These are just the basics to get CPAN and CPAN::Reporter working,
the rest you can do by your own.
You''l only need such cygports deps (like Yaakov needs them) if you
build projects
requiring perl modules. There are not many.
Reini Urban
http://cpanel.net/   http://www.perl-compiler.org/

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