1.7.14-2: bash not accepting "~" (tilde) from keyboard in Console (WIN7)

Chris Brouwer lt.brouwer@hccnet.nl
Fri May 4 21:43:00 GMT 2012


I have just installed Cygwin 1.17.14-2 using the setup.exe.

I use Console (portable; from Portableapp.Com) as my entry to bash. I 
created an extra tab definition for Console, which starts cygwin.bat. 
Works as expected, so far.
The odd thing is, if I want to use, eg cd ~, the tilde is not shown, but 
the backtick "`" is.

I have tried this when calling cygwin.bat from Explorer, effectively 
starting cygwin from cmd.exe, and then the "~" works as expected.

Does anyone else experience this ?

Does anyone have a solution for this ?

Thanks in advance.


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