How do I build this program for Cygwin?

Mark Geisert
Sun May 6 08:47:00 GMT 2012

Marilo writes:
> > You followed the wrong instructions.
> The instructions - "INSTALL" said
> 1. configure
> 2. make
> ..
> But the problem is "configure" didn't exist.

Two things: 1st, Whoever wrote the INSTALL was sloppy and should have said
"./configure", and the 2nd thing is it's common knowledge that that's how one
runs configure.  You don't have the common knowledge yet because you're new at
this.  That's OK.

For the heck of it I tried to build this GNU netcat from the SourceForge
package.  I used:

That's when I found out the code won't compile because Cygwin's struct
in_pktinfo is missing a field that Linux apparently has: ipi_spec_dst. 
Fortunately I could get around that by subverting the configure check for struct
in_pktinfo.  I changed line 8865 of configure, inserting two leading slashes to
comment out the line.  Then I ran ./configure again.  Then make.  That built a
netcat.exe in the src subdirectory.

Does it have the options you need?  I don't know.  But now you know how to build
it yourself to find out.


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