1.7.13/1.7.14: Issue with command prompt not returning when forking process

Rob Burgers rob.burgers@ericsson.com
Sun May 6 20:05:00 GMT 2012

Hi Corinna,

Thanks for your answer.

> If Cygwin behaves different than Linux then that's not really intended.
> However, this only goes as far as Cygwin processes are affected.  We can't (and don't) make any such guarantee for native, non-Cygwin processes.
Okay, may be we should review our starting point. Still one thing puzzles me: Despite the fact that no such guarantee can be made, it worked fine upto the 1.7.9/1.7.10 kernel releases. If anything can be done to 'repair' it, this would be appreciated a lot (even if it were done via a registry-key).

> Are the affected processes Cygwin processes?  If so, can you please provide a very simple testcase in plain C?
I guess Java doesn't qualify as Cygwin process... So the answer here is 'no'.
I did a test in plain C and it works as expected. The main difference I found is that ps shows both Cygwin processes, whereas in the native, non-Cygwin processes case, the second spawned process remains unvisible to ps. Apparently Cygwin regards them both as 'one' and blocks until the one running longest terminates (at least that is my interpretation).

Best regards,

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