Having openbsd's version of netcat the Cygwin package setup?

Marilo narium85-mlscar@yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 7 19:28:00 GMT 2012

--- On Sun, 6/5/12, JonY  wrote:

> From: JonY 
> Subject: Re: How do I build this program for Cygwin?
> To: cygwin
> Date: Sunday, 6 May, 2012, 23:52
>> On 5/7/2012 04:55, Marilo wrote:
>>  ... 
>> It(that GNU version) doesn't have -X proto (either), but it's nice to 
>>  have GNU 
>> netcat 0.7.1 to know what it looks like.. (not too different
>> from the one in cygwin!).. And now I know it can be done!
> I think that's BSD netcat.

Thanks for pointing that out.. it's a great lead.

This link from 2006 mentions somebody looking for openbsd's version netcat
.....it's an openbsd fork off the original netcat that I
never heard of before.  Cool.  I'll see if it builds for cygwin.


I found it here now ported to Cygwin-

doing -? and -h ,  I see  -X proto

It needn't be in place of the current nc

We've got the GNU one ported too, - mark found the modification to the "configure" file to get it running. 

So I use ncgnu.exe  ncopenbsd.exe

The author of openbsd version of nc ported to cygwin posted on here in March 2011
"OpenBSD version of netcat ported to cygwin"

But looks like adding it to the cygwin packages didn't happen.

I would guess that maybe the threat of pulling the current nc, and replacing it, could be a bit of a disincentive to somebody looking to become a cygwin package maintainer of the openbsd version of the cygwin port.  So maybe that's why it didn't quite happen, but that's just a guess. Anyhow since they are different versions, I suppose they could live alongside each other/ both be available.

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