Please try latest snapshot (was Re: 1.7.13/1.7.14: Issue with command prompt not returning when forking process)

Rob Burgers
Mon May 7 22:05:00 GMT 2012

Hi Christopher,

Thanks a lot for your concern and for the patch. Everything appeared to be okay at first glance when applying it to the test applications.

However there might be some regression issue still: When I used it against our application that originally triggered the issue I got error messages like this ( is our script):
      7 [main] bash 2384 fork: child -1 - forked process died unexpectedly, retry 0, exit code -1073741819, errno 11 fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

I need a bit more time to dig into the cause and to deliver a replicator for this.

Best regards,
Rob Burgers

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