bad performance when opening many files on Win7

Achim Gratz
Tue May 8 16:38:00 GMT 2012

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> How did you do that?  The ACLs in the Cygwin default dirs are supposed
> to contain only three ACEs, one for the installing user, one for the
> local admin group, and one for everyone.  At least that's how setup.exe
> installs them.

These are inherited from the settings in C:\, AFAIK (the list is
extracted from the output of icacls for each file in /usr/bin).  I have
another test installation that may differ in minor details since it
hasn't been in use for many years, but in principle the output of icacls
looks the same for both.  I can remove the test installation and install
it completely fresh if there's hope to get this problem resolved.

> Btw., my machine and my account are domain members as well.  Obviously
> all entries in /usr/bin have an Everyone ACE.  My ls -l takes only about
> 1.2 secs with > 2200 entries in /usr/bin.

Running ls is considerably faster on my machine as well (but probably
not under 3 seconds, that machine has a slow disk and that it is almost
full doesn't really help, even with regular defragmentation).  One
application that shows the behviour I'm talking(*) about is pod2html,
and it finishes in almost no time when I simply remove "bin" from the
podpath argument.  If it makes a difference, I am running this as
administrator under Win7 Pro/32 (but presumably the same or a very
similar problem happens when a colleague of mine runs some scripts on
his machine as "normal" user).  The whole hierarchy that Cygwin is
installed into is excluded from being real-time-checked by the virus
scanner and that seems to be working as it gets another 2-3 times slower
if I remove that exclusion.

(*) lsass.exe consumes one of the two cores completely, there is
absolutely no network activity and not much disk activity except at the
very beginning (which I assume is where the stat is collected).

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