bad performance when opening many files on Win7

Achim Gratz
Wed May 9 18:39:00 GMT 2012

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> There's something fishy on your machine, and it's not Cygwin, afaics.
> I'd still blame some firewall/virus stuff.

Thank you for looking into this.  I suspect the configuration of our
machines as well (since it is not just mine), since it only seems to
happen when executable files (as Windows sees them, dll and exe) are
involved — I suspect one of those group policies that IT bestows upon
us, although I can't rule out the virus scanner just yet.

I can't waste more time on this at the moment, so I've patched
Module::Build::Base to simply not send pod2html down that path and that
shortened the creation of one particularly POD-heavy perl module down
from almost a day to just over an hour.

I will have to revisit that problem again, but I have no idea how to
drill down to the core of it really...

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