mkshortcut seems to not work correctly recently...

John Refling
Fri May 11 00:06:00 GMT 2012

It seems that mkshortcut is failing as of the last few weeks (when I did an
upgrade to latest Cygwin).  Upgrade as of today shows the same problems.  I
have scripts that use mkshortcut that have not changed in a long time, which
worked before, and now do not.

Specifically, the man page example:

mkshortcut -P

goes into an infinite loop.

mkshortcut -D

is ok.

cd /tmp && mkshortcut /cygdrive/c/root

is ok

cd /tmp && mkshortcut /cygdrive/c/root/Favorites

Aborted (core dumped).

John Refling

PS: possibly a permissions problem on my side?  I had recently copied the
Favorites folder from another machine.  I have done this periodically in the
past with no ill effects to mkshortcut.

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