Problem when installing Net::SSH2 via CPAN - libssh2 not found

Ricardo Caldeira
Fri May 11 00:36:00 GMT 2012

I'm trying to install Net:SSH2 via CPAN, but I'm stuck with the libssh2 library.After executing "install Net::SSH2" the following message is received (after running make and doing some other stuff):
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------::The libssh2 library is required by this module.  If you don't have it, you candownload it from; you may also need OpenSSL, which can beobtained from
Debian:   sudo aptitude install libssh2-1-devOpenSUSE: sudo zypper in libssh2-1 libssh2-devel
You can pass your libssh2 lib and include dirs on the command line. E.g.:
    perl Makefile.PL lib=$HOME/libssh2/lib inc=$HOME/libssh2/include
If you want to build on Windows, see the file BUILDING.WIN32 in thedistribution.
Can't link/include 'ssh2'No 'Makefile' created  RKITOVER/Net-SSH2-0.44.tar.gz  /usr/bin/perl Makefile.PL -- NOT OKRunning make test  Make had some problems, won't testRunning make install  Make had some problems, won't installFailed during this command: RKITOVER/Net-SSH2-0.44.tar.gz                : writemakefile NO -- No 'Makefile' created::-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
However, looking at the installed packages in Cygwin, it seems that libssh2 is properly installed:
$ cygcheck -cCygwin Package InformationPackage                   Version                 Status::libssh2-devel             1.4.0-1                 OKlibssh2_1                 1.4.0-1                 OK::
Is there any other thing that I might be missing?I'm using Cygwin Setup.exe version (2.774).
Cheers,Ricardo Caldeira 		 	   		  

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