mintty suggestion

Andrey Repin
Fri May 11 09:06:00 GMT 2012

Greetings, Andy Koppe!

>> With X-Windows, one can independently set the titles of the terminal
>> window and the window's icon.
>> to set window title: ESC ] 2 ; <title> ^G
>> to set icon title:   ESC ] 1 ; <title> ^G
>> Analogously, it would be nice if Mintty would allow me to independently
>> set the titles of the window and the associated taskbar button.

> As far as I know, Windows doesn't have a way to set different titles
> for a window and its taskbar button. Hence you'll find that the icon
> title sequence doesn't work in xterm running on Xwin in multiwindow
> mode either.

Many programs do it in a slightly different manner.
They set different titles for active window, and minimized and/or inactive
Say, you wanna track some progress with a progress bar/percentage.
When window is active, you can track it upfront, but when it's minimized, the
only way to tell is an icon in taskbar.

Andrey Repin ( 11.05.2012, <12:50>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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