CYGWIN inode over Samba share not constructed from IndexNumber
Fri May 11 16:58:00 GMT 2012

Here is the logic Samba uses for inode
determination, per Jermey Allison:

Ok, here's how we construct the 64-bit return
value for that field:

 Create a 64 bit FileIndex. If the file is on the same device as
 the root of the share, just return the 64-bit inode. If it isn't,
 mangle as we used to do.

uint64_t get_FileIndex(connection_struct *conn, const SMB_STRUCT_STAT *psbuf)
   uint64_t file_index;
   if (conn->base_share_dev == psbuf->st_ex_dev) {
      return (uint64_t)psbuf->st_ex_ino;
   file_index = ((psbuf->st_ex_ino) & UINT32_MAX); /* FileIndexLow */
   file_index |= ((uint64_t)((psbuf->st_ex_dev) & UINT32_MAX)) << 32; /* FileIndexHigh */
   return file_index;

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