RPC inconsistency

Fedin Pavel p.fedin@samsung.com
Mon May 14 07:52:00 GMT 2012

On 14.05.2012 9:41, Fedin Pavel wrote:
> 2. ti-rpc should come with more advanced port mapper (google told me 
> it's named rpcbind). ti-rpc library can't work with old portmap.

After some more debugging...
1. In fact they should be interoperable. If UNIX socket fails, ti-rpc 
library tries backwards-compatible method (IP socket on localhost).
2. For some reason it tries IPv6 socket, and, of course, fails. It 
doesn't try IPv4 after this.
3. If i comment out IPv6 entries in /etc/netconfig, it will try IPv4 TCP 
socket. But for some weird reason it fails to connect() with EADDRINUSE 
4. rpcbind is not part of ti-rpc library. I was confused by man file 
with this name.

I read about this problem, but i don't really understand this 
SO_REUSEADDR trick. So i decided not to modify the tirpc code, assuming 
it works, and it's some WinSock-specific glitch. Instead i quickly 
ported rpcbind (http://sourceforge.net/projects/rpcbind/), and the whole 
thing runs correctly now.

  Kind regards
  Pavel Fedin
  Expert engineer, Samsung Moscow research center

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