Someone is pretending to be some Cygwin's support

André Bleau
Mon May 14 13:22:00 GMT 2012



A few minutes after sending my last post to the cygwin at cygwin dot com list, I received this,

seemingly from cygwin at cygwin dot com, but really from some joe1assitly at gmail dot com.








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Re: Time to obsolete the opengl package ?
1QA4xxx2a  |  MAY 14, 2012  |  12:57PM UTC 
Thank you for submitting your request. We have received your request and are working on responding to you as soon as possible. If you have any additional information to add to this case, please reply to this email.

 Thanks in advance for your patience and support. 
This message was sent to myname at myaddress in reference to Case #81939. 




I guess that someone has setup a program to monitor our list and send automated replies. A little googling

shows that it also appended recently on debian's lists.


The funniest thing is the request to top-post. The less funny thing is that might be a fishing attempt.


Please advise,

- André Bleau, cygwin's volunteer opengl package maintainer

Please reply to the list, not to me directly.             


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