problem with find's -size and -exec options

Eric Blake
Mon May 14 22:54:00 GMT 2012

On 05/14/2012 04:29 PM, j. k. colligan wrote:
> Friends -
> I just noticed a difference in behavior between Cygwin's "find" and
> the one in Linux, or
> so it seems.
> I was trying to locate files smaller than a given size, and thus ran
>     find . -size -4000c
> That worked, and listed the file names only for files < 4000 bytes in
> size.  But if I run
>     find . -size -4000c -exec ls -l {} \;
> it turns out that *all* files are listed!  (Plus the small ones at the
> end of the list.)  This
> surprised me.  In other similar cases I've run in the past, the
> earlier-in-the-command-line
> filters took effect before the exec.

Compare 'stat .' on Linux and on cygwin.  On Linux, directories have
non-negligible size, typically as a multiple of 4k, and generally
accurately measured according to underlying inodes consumed by the
directory; so, for a non-empty directory, it will have size 4096, and be
filtered out by your '-size -4000c'.  On Cygwin, directory size is
typically faked as 0 (since Windows doesn't really give cygwin any thing
better to work with while still remaining efficient).  POSIX says that
the st_size of a stat() on a directory is undefined (the Linux
definition makes more sense, but cygwin isn't breaking POSIX by
returning 0 instead of jumping through hoops to invent a reasonable
non-zero size).  Therefore, '-size -4000c' doesn't filter '.'.

The reason -exec is listing everything is that on cygwin, you ended up
passing '.' as one of the arguments to list.  You can use '-type f' to
filter out directories.

> Same unexpected (to me) result.  Am I way outta whack here, of is this
> a real problem?

I'll let you draw your own answer to that question :)  But I don't see
any way to change findutils or cygwin to work around this difference in
directory st_size.

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