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Pascal J. Bourguignon
Tue May 15 03:19:00 GMT 2012 writes:

> Could you please explain more into detail on how to obtain a PS1?

What else can we tell you?  You've been explained how to learn about it,
and you haven't.  What can we do?

> Run 'man bash' and look for PS1. Remove the '\u@\h' part. To make
> the change permanent, set your own PS1 in '~/.bash_profile'. This
> isn't cygwin specific, so you can google for more details.

If you don't know how to look for a string in a text by reading that
text, you could try to use a computer command:

   man bash | grep -C 3  PS1

But since you couldn't type the man bash command, I don't expect you to
be able to type the more complex man bash | grep -C 3  PS1 command.  And
since you've not been able to read the bash manual, how could I expect
you to be able to read the extracts?

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