Problem accessing Win98 network drive when logged in via ssh (or cron)

Gareth Howell
Tue May 15 12:29:00 GMT 2012

I have cygwin (latest) running on an XP machine. It needs to access two workstations running Win95 and one running Win98.

At the windows level, there are drive maps to the 'C' drives on the three workstations as X:, Y: and Z: and the filesystem can be seen.
Cygwin's fstab has lines to mount the same network shares (using UNC paths) under the /mnt directory.

The two Win95 shares and the single Win98 share show up just fine as type vfat when I do a mount when running cygwin terminal on the XP machine.
If I log in remotely using ssh (as Administrator), the two Win95 shares show up as before, but the Win98 share shows up as type unknown and I can't access the filesystem. The same occurs if a job is run using the Administrator's crontab.

I can see it's probably a permissions issue, but I can't get to the bottom of it or understand why the behaviour is different between Win95 and Win98.

Any guidance would be welcome.


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