"emacs -nw" hangs in a terminal

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Mon May 21 15:32:00 GMT 2012

On 5/21/2012 6:02 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
> On 5/21/2012 4:50 AM, Filipp Gunbin wrote:
>> emacs-24.0.96-2 crashes when I am doing the following:
>> 1) emacs -Q -nw
>> 2) M-x shell
>> 3) C-x C-f C-g
> I can reproduce this. I'll try again to fix it.

I've discovered something strange by running emacs under gdb.  If I 
start emacs-24 in a terminal (but not under X) and start a shell as you 
did, then every press of C-g creates a new thread, and these are never 
destroyed.  I'm pretty sure the threads are created by Cygwin, not by emacs.

cgf and/or Corinna, could you take a look?  I wonder if this is related 
to the pthread problems that have been reported in a different 
(mailing-list) thread.  Here are simplified steps for reproducing:

1. Install emacs-24.0.96-2.

2. In a Cygwin terminal with DISPLAY not set, run 'emacs -Q'.

3. Type <Alt-x>shell<return>

4. Repeatedly press C-g until emacs crashes.



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