ACLs restore mismatch, especially with Rsync

AZ 9901
Mon May 21 18:16:00 GMT 2012

2012/5/21 Corinna Vinschen:
> On May 21 17:46, AZ 9901 wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have some Windows machines backed-up using Rsync on a Linux target server.
>> Everything runs fine, expect ACLs restoration, does not really seem to
>> work as expected.
> If you're trying to reproduce the exact permissions as Windows sees
> them, you're out of luck with Cygwin.  The ACL handling in Cygwin is
> using the Solaris view on ACLs, which is basically the same as the POSIX
> view, just using a different API.  The Solaris/POSIX APIs handle only
> three permission bits corresponding to the POSIX "rwx".  These are
> mapped as useful as possible to Windows permission bits.  If you want
> exact Windows ACLs, use native Windows tools.
> Corinna
Hello Corinna,

Thank you very much for your answer !
That makes sense :-)

Regarding a native backup / restore tool for ACLs, would you have any advice ?

Thank you very much,

Best regards,


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