64-bit Cygwin packages (was RE: Is the Latest Release of Cygwin supported on Windows Server 8/2012)

Matt Seitz (matseitz) matseitz@cisco.com
Tue May 22 20:15:00 GMT 2012

> From: Cygwin-L: On Behalf
> Of marco atzeri
> Until we work and deploy a 64bit cygwin1.dll the idea to build any 64 bit
> cygwin program is pure academic and not very useful.
> If you want to propose patches for 64 bit cygwin cygwin-developers is the
> right mailing list.

Sorry if I wasn't clear.  That's exactly what I was trying to suggest:  if someone wants a 64-bit Cygwin package, they should start by building such a package themselves, including any necessary changes to cygwin1.dll.  Once you've got a working example, bring your results and patches to the maintainers.

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