Has anyone collected a summary of cygwin vs Windows 7 64 bit outstanding issues?

Larry W. Virden lvirden@gmail.com
Wed May 23 13:36:00 GMT 2012

We are trying to make use of cygwin in several ways on Windows 7
64-bit desktops.

One of the first things we have noticed is that there are a lot of
processes sitting on the desktop that appear to be related to cygwin
that we didn't see previously on 32 bit XP.

For instance, if we open a bash console, perform an ssh to another
machine, do some work, then close the window, the bash and ssh still
seem to be listed when we look at the windows 7 task manager.

So, not wanting to duplicate the fine efforts of those on this list
from the past few years. I googed for cygwin issues windows 7 64 bit,
but the 301,000 results were a bit overwhelming to contemplate reading
through to find unique issues that need to be addressed, and of course
may or may not reflect the state of the current distribution.

So before we start doing weeks of reading of threads, etc. I thought I
would ask whether someone has gathered this information together.

Thank you

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