1.7.15-1: pthread_cancel and pthread_kill not working as expected

Otto Meta otto.meta@sister-shadow.de
Thu May 24 10:59:00 GMT 2012

> My testcases for asynchronous and deferred cancel work on threads
> blocked in sem_wait() but still fail mostly on threads blocked in
> read(STDIN_FILENO, ...), same as before. Sorry about that.

I spoke too soon. There seems to be some kind of runtime decay and a
dependency on semaphore.h.

Running the same test or the two tests alternating works for about three
times just as expected but further runs fail as before. A reboot fixes
that and gives me another few chances. This only applies to read().
sem_wait() always works.

If the test code includes semaphore.h but doesnÂ’t even use any of its
functions it fails right away, just like before. A reboot doesnÂ’t help.

ItÂ’s getting weirder by the day...


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