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Corinna Vinschen
Fri May 25 13:04:00 GMT 2012

On May 25 14:17, Denis Excoffier wrote:
>    97    6945 [main] date 3440 pinfo::thisproc: myself dwProcessId 3440
>    76    7021 [main] date 3440 time: 1337945628 = time(0)
> --- Process 3440, exception C0000005 at 610DDC3C
>  1343    8364 [main] date 3440 exception::handle: In cygwin_except_handler exception 0xC0000005 at 0x610DDC3C sp 0x2127F0
>    92    8456 [main] date 3440 exception::handle: In cygwin_except_handler signal 11 at 0x610DDC3C
>    86    8542 [main] date 3440 exception::handle: In cygwin_except_handler calling 0x0
>   320    8862 [main] date 3440 D:\Home\dexcoff1\dexcoff1\cyg12e\bin\date.exe: *** fatal error - internal error reading the windows environment - too many environment variables?

Grr.  The fault handler covers the actual problem.  I'm going to send
you the URL to a test DLL in a minute via PM, if you don't mind.  It has
the fault handler removed, so instead of the "internal error reading the
windows environment" error you should see a "real" SEGV, and the crash
should hopefully produce a more valid stacktrace.  That's what I'd be
interested in.


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