Mintty Log Off problem (now 1.7.16s)

Harry G McGavran Jr
Tue May 29 18:57:00 GMT 2012

On 05/29/12 12:31, Andy Koppe wrote:
> On 29 May 2012 17:17, Harry G McGavran Jr wrote:
>> Ryan Johnson wrote:
>>> I routinely encounter mintty windows that don't close after
>>> I exit the login shell they run (even though they contain no
>>> visible child processes), but they can still be closed using
>>> the big red "X" in the corner... your problem sounds like
>>> something more sinister.
>>> Ryan
>> There is never an "X" to deal with here.  One never know there is
>> a problem until he does start->Log Off to log out of windows.
>> I can normally close any/all mintty windows and then with various
>> process explorers try to find a mintty process and never find any.
>> Then when I log out of Windows, Windows claims it has to close
>> mintty.exe.  This was fixed once in a snapshot of 1.7.10, but
>> has since returned with 1.7.15.  In this incarnation it seems to
>> occur whenever I've run a Cygwin X app from a mintty window.
>> If I've signed on in Windows and never run a Cygwin X app it
>> generally doesn't happen, but I can't be sure it never happens.
>> Every time I've run a Cygwin X app though I can expect to see
>> it after closing (apparently normally) all mintty windows and
>> then log off of Windows.
> Do I understand you correctly that you no longer have any mintty
> windows open when this happens? That's puzzling indeed. Have you
> looked at ye olde Big List Of Dodgy Applications?
> Andy

Yes, your understanding is correct.  My bloda spectrum hasn't
changed since 1.7.10 and is pretty well in hand.  When the problem first
appeared in 1.7.10 and I posted about it, a few days later I got a
suggestion to try the latest 1.7.11s snapshot and see if that fixed it.
 It did, I haven't had the problem since until 1.7.15 and 1.7.16s.

This isn't a show stopper, especially since in this incantation it
doesn't happen all the time, however something isn't quite right...
Interesting the Cygwin X apps aggravate the problem.



Harry G. McGavran, Jr.


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