Shell script loop runs out of memory

AZ 9901
Thu May 31 20:58:00 GMT 2012

2012/5/31 Eliot Moss <>:
>> 1.  Does "fewer forks" mean that some forks are still occurring, thus the
>> same
>> memory crash will still happen, but not right away?  Just delaying the
>> inevitable, for longer than my original script does?
> I think so, assuming the problem is that forks are not getting fully
> reclaimed.

I think so too ; when I intensively script under Cygwin, I have to
reboot after some time because the machine runs out of memory.
I made some tests, forks are clearly the root cause yes, they are not
fully reclaimed.

Make an infinite loop with no fork, and look at the memory usage.
Then, make an infinite loop with one fork and look at the memory :-/

I really hope a solution will be found one day :-)

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