Shell script loop runs out of memory

Thu May 31 21:27:00 GMT 2012

AZ 9901 <az9901 <at>> writes:
> Make an infinite loop with no fork, and look at the memory usage.
> Then, make an infinite loop with one fork and look at the memory
> I really hope a solution will be found one day 

Argh!  And I really like CygWin, so I was hoping to learn that this is 

(Of course I could start uninstalling BLODA programs, but it's a fairly 
inconvenient solution.)

Maybe I'll just write a C program or Perl script to do the same thing.  
A Perl script won't run into the same forking issue, will it?  
(Assuming I use a Perl library to get the MD5 hash, rather than calling 
out to execute md5sum?)

Thanks guys...

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