bash very slow in cygwin 1.7.16-1 Win7/64 bit

Ken Brown
Mon Oct 1 17:50:00 GMT 2012

On 10/1/2012 1:32 PM, Adam Kessel wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 1:27 PM, Ken Brown <> wrote:
>> In a standard Cygwin install, the script
>> /etc/postinstall/ runs 'mkpasswd -l -c >
>> /etc/passwd', which sets the home directory for each user.  Normally this is
>> /home/username, but you can check it by looking at /etc/passwd.  Then the
>> first time you start a shell, /etc/profile creates the home directory (as
>> specified in /etc/passwd) if it doesn't exist.  This assumes that HOME is
>> not set in the Windows environment.  Are you seeing something different?
> Yes. I just installed from scratch -- download setup.exe and specify a
> new directory for install; then installed only bash and its
> prerequisites. When I run the default cygwin.bat in the new directory,
> I get:
> bash-4.1$ pwd
> /usr/bin
> bash-4.1$ echo $HOME
> /home/avk
> bash-4.1$ cd
> bash: cd: /home/avk: No such file or directory

So it appears that /etc/profile is not being run, since it would give 
you the message "/home/avk could not be created" if it tried and failed 
to create /home/avk.  Also, it would set PS1, giving you a different 
prompt than the one above.  I don't know what might cause /etc/profile 
to fail to run.

BTW, cygwin.bat is no longer the recommended way to start a Cygwin 
shell.  If you ask setup.exe to create a shortcut, it will create one 
that starts mintty.  But I doubt if this is related to your problem.

Two people in this thread have suggested that you check for BLODA, but 
you haven't responded to that.  Also, you haven't yet attached cygcheck 
output as requested at



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