Cygwin utilities don't echo last input character in ssh session

Nellis, Kenneth
Tue Oct 9 16:32:00 GMT 2012

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From: ldhybl 

Additional information:  The ssh server where the Cygwin utilities are
invoked is a Windows XP system and the command interpreter is a CMD batch
shell, not a Cygwin or other Linux/UNIX shell.  Not sure why this would make
Expect or Bash fail to echo the most recent character typed on STDIN, but
that is the case.
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FWIW, I see a similar situation, but without ssh in the mix. Cygwin 
expect, running on Windows XP is providing username and password to 
a WinCE telnet process. The login works, however, the display, very
consistently, shows the username, "root", broken:

$ telnet_XXX.exp
spawn telnet XXX
Connected to XXX.
Escape character is '^]'.

Welcome to the Windows CE Telnet Service on XXX

login: r

Pocket CMD v 5.0

--Ken Nellis

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